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AutoCAD Plant 3D Specs and Catalogs: How to Create "Unbreakable" Project Workflows

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    This class will cover the benefits of maintaining the connection between your AutoCAD Plant 3D software catalog, spec, and 3D models, and how to implement workflows to ensure your team’s ability to update model components from the specs and catalogs. We will explore in-depth how to establish and maintain a link between the AutoCAD Plant 3D catalog and spec. Also, we will cover how AutoCAD Plant 3D software establishes a link between the model and spec components and proper workflows for keeping this connection viable during the various types of changes typical to a plant design project. We will also explore the behavior of the PLANTSPECUPDATECHECK command and how you can use it to keep your models up to date with spec and catalog modifications.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how spec items are linked to their source catalog
    • Discover how AutoCAD Plant 3D model components are linked to their spec items
    • Learn workflows for updating piping specs while maintaining relationships with catalogs and 3D models
    • Learn how to incorporate spec changes into 3D models during the course of a plant design project