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AutoCAD 360 - Design every detail, everywhere

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    Presenting the next step of the AutoCAD 360 evolution - Enabling accurate drafting, with a brand new feature set: New drafting tools, snap types, canvas utilities, and in general, new ways for modifying your drawings and floor plans on the go. This session will include an overview of all the ways you can use AutoCAD 360 to maximize your out-of-the-office workflows. Whether you’re an architect, drafter, specialty engineer, construction expert, etc., in this session you will learn how to replace your old pen and paper, and save time and money by utilizing mobile tools. We’ll give a live demo explaining how to set up your project, from connecting to your existing library of drawings, to viewing, measuring, and of course - making accurate modifications on the go. This session is relevant for all mobile users - iOS, Android and Windows-Surface.

    Key Learnings

    • How to connect your storage to AutoCAD 360
    • How to view and review your drawing optimally
    • How to perform accurate measurements
    • How to draft using accurate tools