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Athena Project for INWIT

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    The Athena Project is a 470k€ project involving INWIT, the main Italian Tower Operator providing BTS (Base Transceiver Station) network for all the major Italian TELCOs. Of the 470k€, 150k€ were allocated for services, 150k€ for BIM360 Build (3Y), 50k€ for BIM360 Design (3Y) and 20k€ for Forge cloud credits. The fundamental aspect of the project was the necessity of an integrated centralized single source of truth, for the management of about 22.000 BTS (Base Transceiver Station), enabling the possibility of extracting all the models’ data geo located on a map, whenever needed, to ease maintenance operations and planning. 2M€ savings in 3y are foreseen through the implementation of a leading-edge data-management system, unlocking the power of data to enable more efficient asset maintenance planning, thanks to the availability of a BIM-GIS data lake, operating as a Common Data Environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Assess the potential of BIM combined with GIS
    • Evaluate a system which automatically checks the consistency of projects according to BIM standard libraries
    • Understand how to improve asset management planning and maintenance operations execution
    • Identify the possibility of reducing disruptions risks thanks to a platform for data retrieval