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The Asset Paradigm: Maximizing the Value of BIM for Facilities Management and O&M

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    As Building Information Modeling (BIM) has matured, we have gained the ability to link and integrate data from the BIM model to many other systems. This class focuses on integrating BIM with facilities management (FM) and operations and maintenance (O&M). The class describes how we include the FM team during design to enable full integration of systems, as well as integrating facility data to enable access to information from many standard FM products. We review an example of how we applied data to the BIM model and delivered it to the FM products, enabling a familiar interface for FM and O&M managers to manage the facility after construction. We also look at using virtual FM, which enables a facility to be tested during design and construction. This is a must-attend class for building owners and facility managers who want to maximize the benefits of BIM from design to asset management.

    Key Learnings

    • Communicate your BIM vision to consultants and contractors
    • Determine which information is important and structure a workflow that allows information flow
    • Work with multiple parties to understand requirements for FM and O&M systems
    • Integrate BIM data into facility data systems