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Assemble + BuildingConnected: Quantity Take-Offs in the Cloud

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    For general contractors and trade contractors alike, estimators play a key role in winning new business. Their primary function is to translate scope in the form of specs and plans to material, labor, and equipment—ultimately creating the estimated project cost and schedule. More and more of the industry is turning to integrating model-based takeoff in their existing estimating workflows. Preconstruction is one of the most important phases in the project lifecycle; due diligence done earlier in the project helps to avoid surprises during construction. Join Dustin DeVan, CEO of BuildingConnected, and Brent Ramos, sales director at Assemble Systems, as they share how they’re working to simplify the process for aggregating and reporting material quantities and streamline preconstruction processes.

    Key Learnings

    • Discovering the benefits of integrating 2D and 3D in the estimating process
    • Learn how cloud-based solutions help improve collaboration
    • Learn how to quickly and easily visualize the takeoff
    • Learn about the benefits of pulling quantities from the model for downstream workflows