Industry Talk    AS124878
Architectural Film Making
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Extend your artistry skills and learn the process of creating a captivating film for your architectural project. Step through the entire process-from creating an idea, to visualizing it into a storyboard, to creating animated sequences, to editing and post-production that bring your final film to life. From real-world applications, you'll build upon your camera animation techniques, learn more about how the frame rendering process differs from stills, and gain tips and tricks on post-production. We'll discuss challenges faced along the way, how to solve these as you go, and how to manage clients' expectations, all while working within a budget.

Key Learnings

  • Learn techniques to create high-end architectural films
  • Develop skills based on real-world techniques
  • Learn the process of architectural film making
  • Learn post-production and editing techniques to enhance your project



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