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Applying a Value-Added, Timesaving Approach to the Building Construction Process

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    This lecture will examine the approach of various timesaving, valuable processes utilized on a new 5-story healthcare addition. Prefabrication, integrated colocation (Big Room), quality install with laser scanning, and fully coordinated shop drawing creation are processes Kitchell used to induce critical waste-cutting techniques in order to shorten an already aggressive schedule. Kitchell selected 3 key areas of construction that the prefabrication process would benefit, including corridor utility racks, patient room headwalls, and patient bathrooms. We will go over the various Autodesk, Inc., software platforms utilized by trade partners in the coordination process, and we will show how co-locating to the prefab shop was a must. Participants used laser scanning to spot check areas for install and cross-referencing issues with the coordination model. Given the success of the project, Kitchell has adopted prefabrication and timesaving processes as a quality approach to be put forth on present and future projects for Kitchell.

    Key Learnings

    • Begin to think about processes to cut waste from projects
    • Gain knowledge on various valuable processes
    • Understand the process of colocating and the benefits achieved
    • Learn how to view the project team as trade partners