Lecture    AC2512
Annotation Scaling in AutoCAD®: Bringing the Technology Home
KaDe King
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Come and learn how to implement annotation scaling in your organization. Whether you would like to start with baby steps or go full bore, you will learn all levels of migrating these tools into your daily workflow. Learn about annotation scaling and how it works with hatching, text, linetype scale, dimensions, and all of the other options. See how you can "bring this technology home," improve your productivity, and reduce unnecessary hours spent on annotations. This class is designed to assist you in building a new workflow for annotation in your organization.

Key Learnings

  • Integrate annotation scaling into your current workflow
  • Use annotation commands, tools, and styles
  • Spend less time annotating drawings
  • Explain annotation scaling


 KaDe King
KaDe King
KaDe is a technical specialist for U.S. CAD, and provides training, network licensing services, and migration services. She has been using AutoCAD® for 25 years and has been a trainer for 19 years. KaDe is an AutoCAD certified professional and an Autodesk approved trainer. She has been the recipient of the Autodesk Instructor Quality Award twice, and has presented at AU six times. Her experience is widely varied and includes real-world application of AutoCAD in AEC, mapping, civil, and manufacturing Industries. She enjoys teaching, and her specialty is relating to the class participants and helping them to get the most out of the training course, whatever it may be.

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