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Analyzing HVAC Systems

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    Design engineers have historically been separated from the design process, using disparate tools to perform various calculations without using a BIM model in the early stages.  In this session, we will explain what the new system analysis tool in Revit is, why is important and the main benefits like being involved in the early stages of the project to perform load and system network calculations.  You will learn how systems analysis provides a fast, simple, and flexible way for a mechanical design engineer to define all the main components and a set of relationships that comprise a system, without having to physically model any part of it, following a more BIM-integrated workflow and taking in consideration how systems work in reality, how engineers think, and how design happens all entirely within Revit.

    Key Learnings

    • How computational design techniques can help automate and improve this process in design and fabrication workflows for buildings.
    • Learn more about Project Refinery, an Autodesk Generative Design beta for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry that gives you the power to explore and optimize your dynamo designs.
    • Techniques and examples of Computational Design approaches to generate, evaluate, evolve, and cycle through design processes.
    • Understand key differences between traditional design methods and generative design.