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Aerial Cinematography and CGI for Architecture, Advertising, and Film

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    The class will discuss the process of creating aerial cinematography and integrating computer-generated elements, including shoot preproduction and planning, helicopters and drones, FAA and aircraft limitations, cameras, high-frequency and low-frequency vibrations, rolling shutter, stabilization systems, footage selects, post-shoot stabilization, 3D tracking, 3D lighting, 3D rendering, compositing, color, and finishing. The course will be illustrated by videos of actual shoots, behind-the-scenes photos, and screen captures of post-production processes. The class will also review timelines and costs.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about preproduction: planning the shoot
    • Learn about production: the aerial shoot
    • Learn about post production: integrating CGI
    • Learn how to finish: color correction and delivery