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Advancing From BIM Management to Digital Practice
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Members of CannonDesign’s Digital Practice Team will provide an inside look at how the firm has enabled a diverse group of Building Information Modeling (BIM) leaders from across the country to gather and reinvent the BIM process within the organization. This transformation from BIM to digital practice has enabled the conversation to move from simply a technology-based conversation to one that expands the client’s design and performance expectations to embody the quality and usefulness of the project’s deliverables and beyond. In order to initiate these successful outcomes, CannonDesign’s Digital Practice Team has developed a front-loaded process to assemble the right people at the right time in order to implement a strategic and project-centric approach to capitalize on the newly developed digital practice documents. The value of this process is that a repeatable and scalable BIM-enabled workflow has been defined that successfully generates a certainty of outcomes wherein the clients’ expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to engage the appropriate team members during the precontract phase of a project to set BIM expectations
  • Learn how to capitalize on BIM-centric contract language to ensure the client's goals are successfully executed throughout the entire project
  • Learn how to identify how to merge your existing processes with industry standards to drive consistent and high-quality outcomes
  • Explore how to apply these processes and documents to market your firm’s strategic advantage and win new work



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