Lecture    MA1936
Advanced iLogic: Code Encapsulation
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This class introduces some advanced Inventor® software iLogic techniques. We start with a quick overview of what encapsulation means in the programming world and explain how it can benefit us when using iLogic. Our 3 main areas of focus are subroutines, functions, and .dll libraries. In this class, we build an example model that uses all 3 of our focus areas. By building this model, attendees can see how beneficial reusable code can be and that it can be used in their current workflows. We also show how these tools can be incorporated into templates so that the same code can be used over and over again. This class gets into basic programming techniques. It is assumed that attendees have knowledge of basic iLogic functionality. Prior programming experience with a .NET language is helpful but not required.

Key Learnings

  • Create and call a subroutine from inside an iLogic rule
  • Create and call a function from inside an iLogic rule
  • Create a DLL file from Visual Basic Express and then link to the DLL file from inside an iLogic rule
  • Set up Inventor templates that utilize reusable code



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