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Advanced CAMduct Multiple Machine Configuration Including Using the New “Custom NC”

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    Many companies have more than one location. In the past we have used one Fabrication database per location. Multiple databases can make it very difficult to share resources within an organization. The Autodesk Fabrication Development team has provided us tools that we can use to share one database between multiple locations. In this class you will learn how setup the Autodesk Fabrication Database for CAMduct to work with multiple companies, branches or divisions. The class will cover how to setup and manage multiple plasma cutters / Flatbed Tables and multiple Decoilers. This class will explain how to control nesting for each location and use the correct sheet sizes. You will learn how to setup processes for the correct machine selection and nesting options. This class will also cover how to use the new “Custom NC” machine for CAMduct.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to Setup up, manage and use multiple plasma cutters for multiple shops
    • Learn how to setup multiple Decoilers
    • Setup Processes For Nesting with Multiple Machines
    • Learn how to use the new “Custom NC” Machine