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Adding Intelligence to Point Clouds for Near Real-Time Construction Management
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Do you need near real-time feedback on your construction project?Is scanning the way to achieve it?We think so. This Instructional Demo will highlight the flow of data that could be experienced immediately after a slab pour.Point cloud data will be optimised using a combination of Revit, APL, Dynamo and BIM 360 Layout. You will already know that slab deviations in relation to point clouds can be displayed graphically in Revit, but what else can you do with that information? What if you could send back the out-of-tolerance locations to your team in the field and enable them to mark the areas requiring remediation on the ground semi-automatically? We will show you how this could work for you.

Key Learnings

  • Use Dynamo and APL to add intelligence to point cloud analysis
  • Add value to scanning workflows
  • Utilise BIM360 to gets timely results back to the site
  • Understand how total stations can utilise this data intelligence to aid construction



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