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Adding Functionality to Autodesk® Revit® Structure

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    It is time to move on from using Autodesk Revit Structure software as a drafting tool and to begin using it as a design aid by accessing and manipulating the information in the model. This class will show how additional functionality can be added to Revit Structure in two ways. First, we will show how to incorporate structural engineering calculations into families that can be used to drive the geometry of modeled elements. Second, we will demonstrate a link between Revit and Microsoft® Excel® that allows use of system, type, and instance parameters in one formula and creates new parameters that report information contained in the model that is typically inaccessible through Revit reporting tools. We hope these examples will inspire you to find innovative and creative solutions using Revit tools.

    Key Learnings

    • Use native tools in Revit Structure to add functionality
    • Automate repetitive tasks by using creative solutions
    • Describe another way for engineers to use Revit Structure as a design tool
    • Edit families for design and documentation of structural elements