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AYDBABTU: Autodesk® Revit® Data Management

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    As client and project requirements become more and more complex, the need to manage information in Autodesk Revit software and data connected to Revit becomes exceedingly important. This class will survey the landscape of tools available to aid in this task, including tools for family and parameter management as well as specific tools for program management. Autodesk® Vault software, dRofus, Microsoft® Access®, Microsoft® Excel® tools and others will be covered. During the class, we will touch on project experience with many of these tools and provide guidance on how to approach many data management challenges in Revit.

    Key Learnings

    • Determine when to develop your own solutions for data management via the Revit API
    • Explain how various BIM uses can affect your collaboration and data management strategy
    • Describe the benefits of data management for Revit projects
    • List the tools that are available in the market to aid in managing Revit and connected data