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Autodesk Construction Cloud and Autodesk Forge: Our CDE Backbone That Integrates the Hospital Data Management

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    This class will demonstrate the implementation of a powerful common data environment—using Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 platforms combined with an application developed in Autodesk Forge—for the management of hospital project data. The Grand Paris North Hospital project is intended to be the largest hospital in Paris, France, and was designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Brunet Saunier Architecture. We’ll use this project to explain the implementation of data workflows in order to build optimized circuits that involve all project stakeholders, planners, the owner, users, architects, and all the engineers’ firms with Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro and Autodesk Docs (design collaboration, model coordination, and issues management). More than 100 people! We’ll show how a connected Autodesk Forge application will collect data from Autodesk Construction Cloud in order to push automation processes in data analysis and deliverables creation. We’ll do a live demonstration of this real Autodesk Forge-based BIM data checker enabling data processes throughout the project lifecycle, from plan to operation.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to implement a comprehensive common data environment.
    • Learn how to democratize access and production data for all project stakeholders while controlling the data edition.
    • Learn about tracking the data lifecycle during the plan, design, build, and operate phases.
    • Learn about automating the Room's sheets deliverables.