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3ds Max Is InfraWorks Software’s Best Friend
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During this presentation, you’ll learn how to win more business by using 3ds Max software, which is part of your Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection. Starting with an InfraWorks file, you’ll learn a step-by-step visualization approach that’s easy to understand and use in your own environment. After getting your InfraWorks data, you’ll start by adding lighting, so we’ll discuss image-based lighting techniques with daylight and photometric lighting, both rendered with the default ART and Arnold render engine. We’ll also learn how to set up a nice environment with 3D trees, cars, and people, which are part of 3ds Max. Materials and textures will be the final step. You’ll gain a good understanding of which materials are being imported from InfraWorks and the advantage of converting your materials in an automated environment.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the best way to import and optimize your InfraWorks data into 3ds Max
  • Learn about the different lighting techniques in 3ds Max for infrastructure-based projects
  • Learn how to set dress your InfraWorks project with 3D cars and 3D vegetation by using the 3ds Max Asset Library
  • Learn how to build the best materials, realistic and nonphotorealistic



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