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3ds Max Design Automation: Add Beautiful Renders to Your Web Site

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    Generally, the Design Automation API enables you to integrate an automated batch processor into a pipeline to process files in the cloud. In the Design Automation context, Revit software, AutoCAD software, and Inventor software generally work with native file formats; but in the case of 3ds Max software, the list of file formats that we can import and work with is more extensive. This traditional strength of 3ds Max—of importing and working with a huge number of file formats—opens the way for multiple workflows, including visualization. In this class, we will present an overview of some possible Design Automation rendering workflows, as well as discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each workflow. We will explore the benefits with a pros-and-cons approach, including costs (time and credits), which will help you decide the ultimate approach and benefits.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a simple workflow using Design Automation for 3ds Max.
    • Learn how to use Design Automation for 3ds Max to create still renderings.
    • Learn how to use the Forge Viewer to preview a scene and create rendered panoramas using Design Automation for 3ds Max.
    • Discover the strengths and limitations of using Design Automation for 3ds Max as a rendering solution.