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3D Laser Scanning and Revit Design Workflow

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    We will cover the concept of 3D laser scanning and how to take it from a raw scan-a quick overview of processing to modeling of architectural, structural, and mechanical systems. The main portion of the class will be the import and the use of the 3D point cloud data in Revit software. Topics will be how to orient the data for use and how to work with the point cloud data visually, as well as the use of clipping boxes, section cuts, and view ranges to declutter and clearly see the point cloud data. We will show how to model walls and structure and also how to model in piping and mechanical equipment. Finally, we will cover a case study of how 3D scanning and using the data with Revit saves us time and money-and also helps us deliver a product that is accurate and greatly reduces the chances for addendum and change orders in a project.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to successfully import scan data into Revit and align it for use
    • Learn how to successfully manipulate the view of the scan data with clipping boxes, sections, and view ranges to better visualize the data
    • Learn how to successfully model in architectural and structural elements with the use of scan data as a reference
    • Learn how to successfully model in mechanical equipment and pipes with the use of scan data as a reference