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The 2D-to-3D Transition—Taking the Leap
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This class will address the challenges many businesses face when deciding to make the transition from a traditional 2D AutoCAD software environment to a 3D modeling platform, such as Inventor software or Revit software. We will examine the factors that go into making decisions regarding when to begin and planning on how to make a smooth transition that minimizes disruptions in business activity, while maximizing the productivity advantages 3D modeling and documentation provide. We will also review some of the difficulties (specifically related to personnel) that await transitioning companies. The presentation will bring real-world insight from the presenter’s experience in a 2D/3D implementation of Inventor software in an electric utility manufacturing and supply company. The class will conclude with a question and answer session.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to map out and navigate the important bridges that must be crossed in order to achieve a successful 2D/3D transition
  • See a comparison of Inventor and Revit software in order to determine which platform will be most beneficial
  • Discover the importance of personnel selection that will ensure a smooth transition
  • Bring home successful strategies that will enable your organization to be productive while making the 2D-to-3D leap



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