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2D to 3D: How to Make It Work for You

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    We deliver our projects differently from most building services companies. Our engineers generate project deliverables rather than CAD technicians. As such, the majority of engineers deliver projects in Revit software, creating intelligent models to meet clients’ requirements. We’ve been delivering projects in 3D for 10 years; however, only recently has the engineers’ preference become working in Revit rather than AutoCAD software. This shift is a result of the work completed throughout the last few years; engineers now believe delivering projects in Revit is the simplest and quickest method. We will guide attendees through the work we have undertaken to achieve this, looking at the easiest wins before moving to the more ambitious, including the development of bespoke tools. We will look at how we can automate boring tasks, giving engineers more time to be creative. We will touch on the issues we have experienced, cover tips and tricks we have discovered, and show how to maintain tools and resources once they are out in the “wild.”

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a road map for transitioning from delivering projects in 2D to producing 3D models with embedded data (BIM).
    • Discover planning development for more-efficient and consistent project delivery in Revit compared to using it “out of the box.”
    • Learn how to avoid similar mistakes to those we made when we first started delivering projects in Revit.
    • Discover the importance of adequate resources for successfully delivering and maintaining the development that they do.