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The 123's and ABC's of Corridor Model setup, planning, and execution

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    We will show users the basics of corridor design. Starting from scratch we will transform a blank drawing into a finished corridor model with earthwork quantities, material quantities, and a 3D surface model for grading. We will show users how to create cross sections with earthwork and material quantities dynamically displayed for easy quantity backup documentation. Too many times users will start off without planning ahead for project anomalies, changes, edits, or design changes. This class will help them setup and plan for a large share of these to avoid project downtime, lost work, lost profit, and loss of work.

    Key Learnings

    • Demonstrate roadway corridor setup and planning to achieve a dynamic powerful model that can be used by an entire team.
    • Display basic earthwork and material quantities displayed dynamically on sheets
    • Know the parts and pieces of a corridor model and assemblies
    • Know the difference between a static model, and a dynamic model