Architecture Workflows in the Age of Automation | Dennis Eldridge

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Architecture Workflows in the Age of Automation

Take a stroll through an architecture workflow, and see where you can easily incorporate automation along the way. Dennis Eldridge of Join will be your guide.


Throughout every step of the architecture design process, there is a way to automate mundane and repetitive tasks. From the original AutoCAD file to the Revit model, from sheet generation to annotation and code analysis, all the way through to uploading the model on an FTP site, automation enables you to hand off tedious tasks and focus on the creative. Dennis Eldridge of Join steps into the AU Theater to talk about how automation can improve efficiency and make your workflows less work.

About the speaker

Dennis Eldridge is a software engineer and licensed architect at Join, Inc., where he works as a developer on a web-based platform that helps to manage cost-informed decisions during design and preconstruction. He is also the director of events for the San Francisco Computational Design Institute. He previously worked at SOM as a senior digital designer and holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

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