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Automating Efficient and Profitable Digital Practice Management on Autodesk Products

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    The class will encompass innovation in digital design practice, and showcase leadership evolved and implemented on large-scale iconoclastic projects across the United States. The class will show case studies of structuring an environment of collaboration and creating "enablers" across a firm with specialized digital skills, practice, research and development, training, education and community outreach, and innovation. Architecture and engineering design is evolving and becoming more sophisticated, demanding the best design in the least time. Autodesk Generative Design software with visual programming helps us achieve the best design solution, and also gives us more adaptability to changes and flexibility to be open to better ideas as we move forward, automating regular and repetitive tasks. To summarize: If your firm wants to learn to save time and money on projects and achieve the best design solutions using Dynamo scripts and other latest innovations, please attend this class.

    Key Learnings

    • Explore automation and the scripting success in Dynamo, and saving 30% of productivity across large-scale aviation and residential projects
    • Learn generative design and visual programming to achieve better performances and get the best design solution
    • Learn about being the enablers: The practice, research and development, training, education, and community outreach and innovation
    • Learn about how monitoring the performance of project files and people helps ensure we continuously improve our result