Autodesk Solution Day with Rochdale Spears

22nd - 24th May 2024


Autodesk Solution Day with Rochdale Spears

Autodesk is pleased to organize a three-day workshop specifically tailored for our esteemed customer, Rochdale Spears. The workshop will covero various aspects of Autodesk's Digital & Manufacturing (D&M) solutions, focusing on iLogic Automation, Nastran Simulation, and Vault for Data Management.


Autodesk Solution Day

Day 1: iLogic Automation in Inventor Professional

  • Introduction to Rules and Forms
  • Conditional Statements in iLogic
  • Coding Snippets in iLogic

Day 2: Autodesk Inventor Nastran Simulation in Furniture Design

  • Navigating Nastran simulation
  • Materials simulation
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in Invenor Nastran
  • Optimizing the simulation process

Day 3: Autodesk Vault for Data Management

  • Integrating Vault into current workflow
  • Creation of Vault Tasks
  • Vault best practices

Meet your Facilitators

Tung Huynh

Teritory Account Sales Executive - Autodesk


Nguyen Quang Khue

Technical Specialist - VietCAD

Nigel Yap

Account Based Marketing Manager - Autodesk