Autodesk ASEAN
Innovation Awards 2023

Autodesk ASEAN Innovation Awards 2023

The 3rd Autodesk ASEAN Innovation Awards 2023 is an annual skills-based competition that recognizes projects and people within the ASEAN region that embrace the future of making through the use of innovative technology. These include application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Autodesk AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) solutions, Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions and Design & Manufacturing solutions


This year, a total of 153 impressive submissions were submitted and 4 awards ceremonies held across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. A big congratulations to all the 2023 Winners.



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Grand award ceremony - 7th September 2023


In-country award ceremony - 6th September 2023


In-country award ceremony - 4th October 2023


In-country award ceremony - 25th October 2023


Innovator of The Year Award

Winner: Newcon Builders Pte Ltd

Project: Proposed Erection of Public Housing Development

This project ​showcased the exemplary innovations and forward-thinking approaches, revolutionizing traditional construction practices and delivering exceptional results. Additionally, the project demonstrated an approach to adopting emerging technologies to transform the project workflows, improving collaboration, clash detection, as-built verfication, and overall project coordination.

Country Winners

Becamax IDC Corp

B-Blocks Complex


Country: Vietnam

Oriental Consultants Global Co. Ltd

Digital Engineering Transformation for Philippine’s First Subterranean Railway Network

Country: Phillipines 


PT. Hutama Karya (Persero)

Meninting Dam Project at West Lombok

Country: Indonesia


Menaiktaraf Jambatan Merentasi Sungai Marang Di Laluan

FT003 Jalan Terengganu - Kuantan, Marang, Terengganu Darul Iman

BIM Global Ventures

Country: Malaysia


Sansiri Public Company Limited

Edge Central Pattaya


Country: Thailand


Cloud Advocate of The Year Award

Winner: PT Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk

Project: KPBU Kegiatan Preservasi Jalan Lintas Timur Sumatera di Provinsi Riau

The East Cross Road Preservation is one of Indonesia’s larger infrastructure projects, with 34 kilometers of road construction, traffic facilities, and bridge renovations.PT Adhi Karya accelerated transformation by leveraging the cloud and digital tools to create synergy on this massive project. The company centralized over 5,000 documents in a common data environment using BIM 360. The various trades worked off the same Revit and Civil 3D models which helped resolve issues in real-time and kept the project ahead of schedule. PT Adhi Karya is setting an incredible example of applying technology to manage infrastructure projects and change the future of construction

Country Winners

Ricons Construction Investment JSC

Celadon City - Diamond Brilliant


Country: Vietnama


RSP Architects Planners & Engineers

Companywide Cloud Adoption in all Projects

Country: Singapore


Sunway Construction Sdn Bhd

Sunway Flora Residences, Bukit Jalil

Country: Malaysia

EEI Corporation

EEI Headquarters Facility Management

Country: Phillipines

Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna

Building Information Modelling for Planning and Scheduling Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm in a Renovation Project

Country: Thailang


Future Pillar of The Year Award

Winner: Taylors's University

Project: Integrating Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Multidisciplinary Learning Experience (MLE) Projects

This project allows the enhancement of skills of Industrial Revolution 4.0, by developing global competitive learners with 5 main skills as outlined in Education 4.0 - Critical Thinking, Digital Literacy, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity). It encourages students to embrace complex problem sloving, project-based learning, collaborative learning and immersive learning using BIM technology as the mian driver of iterative design learning.

Winner: Institute of Technical Education, College East

Project: FlexiArm | A Lightweight and Versatile Assistive Device for Disabled Individuals in Industrial Settings

By utilizing Generative Design in Fusion 360, it has empowered the team to design better and more lightweight products for users. Challenges in this space (for prosthetics) are mainly comfort, breathability, and overall weight of the part. With Generative Design in Fusion 360, they are able to tap on this powerful engine to define expected loads, constraints, to build a more refined product to suit the end users needs.

Better World Builder The Year Award

Winner: Central Construction Joint Stock Company

Project: Sol Forest Ecopark

The usage of cloud technologies to overcome adverse challenges faced during COVID was highly commendable. The company leveraged on CDE to update design & building information, to coordinate & manage work to ensure the project’s continuous performance. 

Furthermore, the company have controlled clashes from the design stage and limited more than 90% of clashes before releasing the construction drawings. As a result, during the construction phase, they reduced over 50% of the personnel required to implement the construction drawings, decreased over 10% of the total project construction time, and saved over 40% of the coordination and collaboration time with stakeholders.

Country Winners

Active Fire Protection Systems Pte Ltd

Active Fire Future Build

Country: Singapore



UTNM Resources Sdn Bhd

Integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) for Sustainable School Project in Taman Scientex 

Country: Malaysia



KingBridge Tower 

Country: Thailand


PT Jakarta Propertindo (Perseroda)

The Revitalization of Taman Ismail Marzuki 

Country: Indonesia


Digital Innovation of The Year Award

Winner: Modu Solutions Sdn Bhd

Project: Integration of Engineering Automation Design with IR4.0 Platform

Modu Solutions utilizes Autodesk software to offer a feature-rich web-based platform. Leveraging Inventor, they automate BOM generation, saving time and reducing errors. With AutoCAD and Inventor, seamless 3D integration optimizes factory layout design. Navisworks enables collaborative design reviews, clash management, and effective communication. The platform incorporates Forge, providing VR training, support, and simulations with customizable options. Accessible on mobile devices, it reduces construction costs through clash detection, minimizes rework, and improves coordination and efficiency. Streamlined data searches, design reviews, and project scheduling save time, leading to revenue growth and a reduced carbon footprint.


Industry Distruptor of The Year Award

Winner: Hit Refresh

Project: Fresh Food Robot

The project to build a fresh food robot disrupted the industry by introducing automation and efficiency. Autodesk technology optimized the robot's design for seamless automation, reducing the need for manual labor. With Autodesk's simulation tools, the team rapidly prototyped and tested the robot, accelerating its development process. The project also emphasized safety, ensuring compliance with industry standards. By leveraging Autodesk's visualization capabilities, the project improved the customer experience and influenced customers to adopt the innovative robot. Overall, the project disrupted traditional ways of working and showcased the benefits of automated fresh food handling solutions.