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Moldflow: The smarter CAE injection mold simulation solution

Autodesk Moldflow injection molding simulation software guides designers, engineers, and analysts to optimize their product design cycle where other simulation software, such as Moldex3D, may miss the mark.

Image comparing short shot progression of molded plastic parts with Moldflow simulation

Switching from Moldex3D for simulation accuracy

The ability to validate designs quickly and accurately can help minimize delays to the product design cycle. With over 10,000 lab-tested materials in the Moldflow database, any concerns over questioning your results are reduced. Additionally, the theoretical calculations behind the Moldflow solvers, are validated through development case studies and customer partnerships.

Mold processes in Moldflow vs. Moldex3D

Moldflow Insight Ultimate includes over 20 different molding process simulations, including thermoset and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding, co-injection molding, compression molding, gas-assisted injection molding (GAIM), and foam injection molding (chemical foaming and core-back). 

Image displaying plastic compression molding simulation in Moldflow

Moldflow simulation flexibility

Image showing results of plastic part draft analysis in Moldflow Adviser

Local solve

Moldflow Adviser and Insight both include the local mesh and solve option to run local jobs with no need for internet connectivity. 

Image showing Moldflow's job manager with multiple simulations running on remote servers

Remote server

Moldflow Insight solvers can be installed on a seperate machine or server to free up local computers and provide the option of using parallelization, or parallel solver computing, for quicker solve times. 

Graphic showing multiple Moldflow simulation jobs running on cloud server

Cloud solve

Mesh and run multiple simulations in the cloud simultaneously, while you continue to work on other tasks on your computer. Cloud meshing and solving are hosted through the secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

Image of Moldflow design of experiments result visualization

Moldflow mold controller process optimization

A major influencer when manufacturing plastic parts is the process conditions. The design of experiments (DOE) and parametric design analysis in Moldflow help injection mold companies manufacture plastics with wide process windows to ensure stable part quality.

Moldflow plastic part quality visualization

Moldflow has built-in result and part quality visualization options and integrated export tools supporting post-processing of part and mold design for injection molded plastic parts.

  • Image of Moldflow Insight user interface (UI) with tooltips

    Simple user interface (UI)

    The Moldflow UI helps guide users through each step of the setup and result review, and enables customized panel creation to streamline common tasks.

  • Image of Moldflow sink mark result on plastic part with ribs

    Sink mark export for visualization

    Reviewing through in-product visualization allows design or process change decisions to be made quickly, while CAD and *.fbx export means presentation renderings can be produced. 

  • Image of Inventor Nastran finite element analysis (FEA) results of part

    Export to finite element analysis (FEA)

    Export models, material properties, and results, such as residual stresses, to FEA software to analyze the structural quality of as-molded plastic parts. 

  • Image showing plastic part CAD compared to Moldflow simulated warped shape

    Advanced part & mold warpage prediction

    Moldflow can isolate common causes of plastic part warp for analysts to identify the best approach to minimizing it. 

Image showing vehicle dashboard showing Celanese plastic material lightweighting

Moldflow for automotive lightweighting

Image courtesy of Celanese

Image showing Schneider Electric employee inspecting injection molded plastic part

Moldflow for time to market reduction

Image courtesy of Schneider Electric

Image of plastic and composite R&D parts at JAKTOOL

Moldflow for research & development

Image courtesy of JAKTOOL

Image showing analyst comparing molded part to Moldflow Insight cavity fill simulation

Customer-centric Moldflow product development

The Moldflow software development team look to users for input on features they are developing through the use of periodic releasing of the Project Scandium, the technical preview for Moldflow Insight. It extends simulation capabilities for existing Moldflow subscribers by offering new capabilities, such as warpage analysis for assemblies and tiger striping prediction. The dedicated forum for feedback helps to direct the developers to where accuracy and workflow improvements can be made.

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