Watch These 5 Free Fusion 360 CAM Events To Improve Your Machining Skills

Annaka Ketterer July 15, 2021 3 min read

If you’re looking to expand your Fusion 360 CAM knowledge, look no further than these five free on-demand events.


Want to learn more about the capabilities of Fusion 360? Interested in how others are using machining to accomplish the impossible? Check out these five free on-demand events to learn more about what Fusion 360 CAM can help you accomplish.

1. CAD Model to Physical Part (Start to Finish programming a Part)

Going from a concept to a physical part can seem like a strenuous and time-consuming task, but with the help of Fusion 360, tasks that would previously take hours can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes! In this event, we’ll help you optimize your workflow by walking you through the process of making a part. From importing the design to creating the part using Fusion 360 to taking that part through the manufacturing programming process to exporting the file and reviewing the G-code used in the CNC for processing, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. This webinar is suitable for all beginner or novice levels of CAM experience.

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2. Overcoming the Challenges of Exotic Materials 

Exotic materials are notoriously difficult to machine and require much more attention to detail than the typical materials found in shops. Tackling these materials requires proper techniques and considerations across all aspects of your machining setup, from the time you select a tool to the final export.

In this webinar, hear from four industry experts from Air Turbine Spindles, Harvey Performance Company, 5th Axis Workholding, and Autodesk Fusion 360 as they cover the best practices for cutting and programming for exotic materials, evaluating workholding techniques, and understanding how dialing in your spindles can lead to machining success.

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3. 6 Reasons Integrated CAD/CAM is the Way To Go

There’s no denying that working in a team setting can be difficult at times. With different data sets spread throughout a variety of software, keeping everything together can seem near impossible. In this event, we help you navigate the team environment by teaching you how to improve communication between engineering and manufacturing, work with all types of data, benefit from adding CAD capabilities to your manufacturing process to improve design manufacturability, and increase automation improving reliability and reducing wasted time and effort.

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4. Increase your Machine Shop Revenue with Fusion 360 and Xometry

Looking to use Xometry in your machine shop? In this webinar, you’ll learn how taking on CNC machining work with Xometry powered by Fusion 360 can help you diversify and increase your revenue streams. Some of the topics covered include an overview of what Xometry does, how to pull down parts and quickly estimate machining time via Fusion 360, and how to efficiently program parts in Fusion 360. This webinar is suitable for all levels of CAM experience.

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5. Your CNC Shop on 3+2 Machining: Smarter, Better, Faster and More Profitable

Manual setups on a 3-axis machine might be costing you valuable time and money. By adding a 4- or 5- axis machine, you can increase your shop’s efficiency and productivity, ultimately paving the way to higher profits. In this webinar, we’ll cover all the things you should know about 3+1 machining, 3+2 machining, as well as 4-and 5-axis simultaneous machining to show you the benefits of adding a 4- or 5- axis machine. Additionally, we will show you the advantages of having multi-axis capabilities when making rotary or indexer purchasing decisions and let you in on a little secret of how to maximize your machine’s potential. This webinar is suitable for all levels of CAM experience.

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Looking for other machining events to explore? How about events focused on design, electronics and more? Check out our on-demand events page to discover hundreds of free Fusion 360 learning opportunities.

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