How to Use Ultimaker Digital Factory With Autodesk Fusion

Selin Cinemre Selin Cinemre March 18, 2024

2 min read

Learn how to use Ultimaker Digital Factory with Autodesk Fusion in this step-by-step guide. Manage, send, and queue prints for your Ultimaker printers remotely!

If you’re new to Ultimaker Digital Factory, it’s an online 3D print control platform designed for Ultimaker printers. This platform allows you to manage, send, and queue prints for your Ultimaker printers remotely. In this video, we’ll guide you through the process of using the Ultimaker Digital Factory add-in as a connector between Autodesk Fusion and Ultimaker Digital Factory.

Step 1: Installing the app

First things first, head to the Autodesk App Store and download the Ultimaker Digital Factory for Autodesk Fusion app. Once installed, open Fusion and your project. You’ll notice a new 3D print option in the ribbon of the Design Workspace.

Step 2: Choosing print settings

Clicking on the 3D print option will open a dialog where you can choose your Ultimaker printer and preferred print settings. Once you’ve selected these, click ‘OK’. This will automatically create your setup.

Step 3: Uploading to Ultimaker Digital Factory

If you’re satisfied with the part placement, select ‘Upload to Ultimaker Digital Factory’. You’ll need to sign into your Ultimaker account. From there, you can choose to upload your design data to an existing project or create a new one. For this demonstration, we’ll create a new project.

Step 4: Viewing in Ultimaker Digital Factory

Now, switch back to the Ultimaker Digital Factory app to view our newly created project with the design data we uploaded. This step ensures everything has uploaded correctly.

Step 5: Continuing workflow in Fusion

Back in Fusion, this is your opportunity to edit print settings if necessary. If not, proceed to generate your toolpath. Be sure to check the simulation to ensure you’re happy with the result. Then, post-process to generate your print file. Make sure to set the correct printer setup in the post properties on the right. Clicking ‘Post’ will create your print file.

Step 6: Uploading the print file to Ultimaker Digital Factory

Finally, navigate back to Ultimaker Digital Factory and select your print file. This is the last step for now. In the future, this print file creation and upload process will be done automatically via the app in Fusion.

Thank you for joining us on this Ultimaker Digital Factory journey! For more helpful videos and tutorials, stay tuned to our YouTube channel. Happy printing!

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