Short-term Feedback Leads to Long Term Improvements

Emily Suzuki Emily Suzuki March 22, 2023

1 min read

Why is it important to know the impact of every single operation on a factory floor?


Well, for the same reason a top athlete wants to know how fast they were every time they run. Or why a podcast host wants to know the ratings of every show.

Because short-term feedback leads to long-term improvement.

If you operate in an environment where without short-term feedback, what you do today doesn’t really matter because you’ll only know how well you did tomorrow. Or the day after that. Or weeks from now. With nothing to compare the single stat to — without an analytics dashboard displaying progress.

What if, instead, you knew how well you did as soon as you were finished with the current task? You can try again immediately, compare with the previous attempt and see how well you did the next time around. And again. And again. And again. You’ll see immediate improvement.

Some people might even argue that this is the reason why software nowadays gets better faster than anything else. Every time a software engineer sees that their solution doesn’t work – because a user complained about it or because they can actually see it not working – they can immediately correct it, upload it and fix it. Build, test, learn. Learn, build, test. Over and over.

Companies that can build, test, and learn faster than the competition usually surpass it. And you’ll naturally want to do better every time you do it, whatever it is that you do, because you’ll feel a sense of improvement. Of growth. You might even enjoy it. We’re wired to enjoy our time doing something if we can see that we’re getting better at it.

Short-term feedback with Fusion Operations

Why not treat operations management the same way? One of the main advantages of Autodesk Fusion Operations is having all the information about your factory’s production available in real-time. Every time someone finishes an operation or a set of operations and reports it on the system, all the analytics become available immediately. You instantly know how production will impact the overall performance of the factory’s output.

See what we mean by trying Fusion Operations for free today.

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