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QUICK TIP: Pan, Zoom, & Orbit Preferences

Learning new software can be hard, but there are steps we can take to make it easier. So, if you’re exploring Fusion 360, but coming from a different design tool, I want to show you something that should help.


If you access your preferences, one very important option you should be aware of are the default pan, zoom, and orbit controls. From there you can cut down on the learning curve, by using the default pan, zoom, and orbit controls from your past software.


These include three options, and if your software isn’t included in this list, you might be able to align with one of the three pre-existing options:




That said, should you choose to learn the default controls, I can almost guarantee that they’ll become second nature in no time at all. To start learning how to Pan, Zoom, and Orbit in Fusion 360, watch the video now:



So, a quick recap:


  • To pan, click and hold the mouse wheel button, and move your mouse from side-to-side.
  • To zoom, spin your mouse wheel forward or backward, and while doing so, pay attention to where your cursor is (thats where the zoom center is)! Also note that you can access your preferences to reverse the default zoom direction.
  • To orbit, click and hold the    key on your keyboard, at the same time you hold the mouse wheel button, then move the mouse. Pay attention to whether you’re using ‘constrained orbit’ or ‘free’.

When in doubt, or you ever find yourself unable to find your model, double click the mouse wheel button which will ‘zoom to fit’.


Thanks for reading and watching!




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