Aaron.Magnin Aaron.Magnin March 29, 2016

1 min read

An important part of any assembly design is labeling and documenting the different parts that make up the system. In most all cases, the best way to do something like this is an assembly drawing that includes a Bill of Materials (BOM) and associated balloons.


When the design is finalized, the same BOM’s will need to be used by purchasing and other departments to help ensure proper resource planning, so how do you get it out of your Fusion 360 drawing and into a format they can easily use? See the video below to see how to get your BOM’s into a csv format, which works with various different spreadsheet tools:



While this solution is specific to AutoCAD, similar options should be available no matter what you use.


To vote for a more direct path to export, see my IdeaStation suggestion here:


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