Quick Tip: Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

by Bryce Heventhal 2 years ago 2 min read

Customizing your keyboard shortcuts in Fusion 360 is the best way to improve your CAD/CAM efficiency. Every CAD/CAM master I have met uses keyboard shortcuts better than a musician on the piano. Although keyboard shortcuts aren’t the only way to customize Fusion 360, make sure to use your s-key as well.


Let’s get to the nitty gritty on creating custom keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Find a command in your toolbar. Even look for commands in other workspaces.
  2. Once you find your command, hover for a second, then hit the three vertical dots (shown below).
  3. Pick your favorite key or combo of keys to set as your new custom keyboard shortcut.



Make sure you watch this video to see custom keyboard short cuts in action:



Here are a few extra frequently asked questions you may find informing:


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