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Patrick Rainsberry Patrick Rainsberry July 28, 2015

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With Fusion 360 we are continually looking to simplify the process of moving from Concept to Physical part.   With the update this past weekend I am very excited to announce the integration of Proto Labs online quoting services.  You will also now see a new menu panel in Fusion 360 entitled “Make.”  Here you will find the ability to get quotes on prototype or production ready parts directly from within the design environment.  Here is an overview of these exciting new capabilities and a little of what the future holds from Sarah Ekenberg at Proto Labs.   


You’re working on a part design in Autodesk Fusion 360. You’re able to quickly iterate, create assemblies to validate fit and motion, and collaborate with team members. Now Fusion 360 can take your design even further. The advanced quoting capabilities of Proto Labs, a rapid manufacturer of custom prototypes and low-volume production parts, have been incorporated into the program, allowing you to request a free manufacturing quote with the push of a button.




By clicking on the “Get A Proto Labs Quote” link in the “MAKE” drop-down menu, you will be able to get an interactive quote with manufacturability analysis and real-time pricing information for injection molding or CNC machining, within a few hours. The free manufacturability analysis provides valuable design feedback, allowing modifications to be made early and often. When your design is ready, Proto Labs’ automated manufacturing processes can produce the parts in as fast as one business day, providing an unprecedented speed-to-market value during product development.


Quoting services supported during this release are rapid injection molding and CNC machining, with 3D printing coming at a later date.


Later this year, Fusion 360 users will be able to obtain a price estimate from Proto Labs directly within the application. Additional information – material selection, surface finish, quantity, and the manufacturability analysis – can then be had by requesting the full interactive quote, which will be delivered within a few hours.


We are excited to integrate our capabilities into Autodesk Fusion 360, working in tandem to allow you to move from great designs to great parts — FAST. Experience the difference now by requesting a Proto Labs quote for your part in Fusion 360.


For more information on Proto Labs, click here.

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