Preview: March 2015 Update

Keqing Song Keqing Song March 9, 2015

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Maintenance starts March 14, 2015 at 6:00 AM PST and will last till Midnight, March 15, 2015.

Update is live! 

Thank you for all your patience on this one! We are very eager to get this update out to you guys, and the extra week will allow us to make sure that everything deploys without a hitch. With our continued focus on stability and performance, we also made a number of new enhancements to the product. Here is a preview of some of the great new features you should expect to see in this coming update.


UI Enhancements

The As-built Joint command is moved out of the main toolbar in to the assembly pull-down. With the Joint and As-built Joint commands next to each other, it was causing missed clicks and confusion for some users. If desired, the As-built Joint button can be added back to the main toolbar using the Add to toolbar option.
2_as-built joint.png

McMaster-CARR access
You will be able to access the McMaster-CARR database and insert any 3D part into your Fusion 360 design environment, all within the software itself. Watch this quick video to see how easy it will become!

Better errors reporting
Improve error reporting for Loft, Chamfer, Hole, Primitive, Sculpt, Thread, Combine, Shell, Split Body, Split Face, Replace Face, and Offset Face. The input geometry is highlighted to help identify where there error occurs. Some of the error messages are updated to give more relevant information.
1_error message.png

A warning is displayed when you delete operations from the timeline that have dependent operations. This alerts you to the potential issue and provides an opportunity to cancel the delete.
6_delete error.png
We were also able to Improve pattern performance, feature creation performance, as well as gesture performance.
In addition, when a community member has Z Up set as default orientation, View cube is now correctly aligned to X,Y Z axis.


Measure is more intuitive
When measuring between cylinders, the Distance, Maximum Distance, and Minimum Distance indicators overlap. When you hover over values in the Measure dialog box, the highlighting has been improved to differentiate the indicators.
3_measure display.png

Check the XYZ Delta box in the Measure command to display the measurement in the X, Y, and Z directions. Hover over a value in the dialog box to highlight the measurement in the canvas.

4_measure xyz.png


Component and Assembly Related Improvments
When you copy/paste a component, you have the opportunity to reposition the component. A snapshot feature is no longer needed if you reposition at the time of the paste operation.

When you perform a join operation, the new feature joins to the component that owns the sketch profile. The old behavior was to join to the first component listed in the browser.

The Parting Line Split command is renamed to Silhouette Split to better indicate what the command does.
An Activate command is added to the right-click menu for components in the browser.
A Create Components from Bodies command is added to right-click menu for the Bodies folder in the browser.


New Rendering features
New Cloud Rendering command lets you configure your render then process it in the cloud. This process uses the rendering as a service functionality in Autodesk A360.
8_cloud render.png

The Rendering Gallery displays thumbnails of your renders from A360. Click a thumbnail to display the image and re-render.
9_render gallery.png

Emissive appearances have, luminescence control. Higher values create a brighter effect when rendered.

Graphics improvements
The navigation menu now supports an application toggle to change mesh rendering from smooth shaded to flat shaded. Smooth shaded renders a smooth surface over the polygons of the mesh. Flat shaded renders the individual polygons.

10_mesh display.png

Animations Workspace enhancements
The Animation workspace supports multi-touch navigation similar to the other workspaces in Fusion.
Animation timeline is dynamic / undockable for support of multi-screen workstations.
Action enhancements (Duration specifications and multi-selection support).




What’s new in CAM

Personal libraries (Tools, posts, templates) are available.
Tool libraries improvements (Mac only) – holder support including clash detection.
Minor selection enhancements (show circle radius).
Improved template consumption interface.
Enhanced face strategy with chip thinning.
Stay-down feature and minimum axial engagement (for Adaptive Clearing).
Inserting GCode with the Manual NC operation.
Added Order by Area to 3D Adaptive Clearing command.
New Break through option added to Drill Cycle types.
Next Event and Previous Event options added to Simulation Marking Menu.
Measure distance between stock and workpiece during Simulation.
Allow multiple post processor source folders (Mac only).

11_cam post processor.png

New 2D Drawings features

Create parts list in drawings based on the components in a design.
Add balloon annotations related to the parts list.
12_parts list.png



Better data panel usability
Along with the system migration to WIP DM, the data panel got a refresh and sports a cleaner new look:

The Upload button is more obvious in the data panel.
You can create a new project folder from within the data panel project view.
New Project button available in the project list of the data panel.
Cleaned up the root page with easier access to projects, samples, and libraries.
We now support Sketch-Up import.


15_new project folder.png

16_new project.png


New In-product tutorials
Added a new Animations and 3 axis CAM tutorial to the tutorial launchpad. Since they are both Fusion 360 Ultimate features, they will be available for trialers as well as Ultimate subscribers only.



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