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Keqing Song Keqing Song July 22, 2015

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We have another product update coming this weekend on the 25th, and are in the process of locking it down. This one is focused around maturing our fabrication workflows with turning capabilities, enhancing various modeling features such as sweep, as well as improving the data management experience. 


Turning in CAM (IdeaStation Request)

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.41.46 AM.png

Based on your feedback, we’ve added new turning capabilities to in the CAM workspace to go live in this update. Turning will allow you to generate toolpath strategies for profile, groove, face, single groove, chamfer, part, thread, and stock transfer. You’ll also be able to preview turning toolpaths in web and mobile client, simulate turning just like all your other toolpaths, as well as get post support. We expect this feature will benefit many of your fabrication needs, and are always open to feedback on how we can improve it moving forward. 



Two rail sweep (IdeaStation Request)


This update will include improvements to our Sweep command that will allow you to perform a two-rail sweep. This has been one of the top requested features on our IdeaStation, and we’re excited about introducing it in this coming update. You will soon be able to sweep a sketch line or profile along a given path and have it follow a guided rail. Note that if you want to sweep a sketch line, you’ll need to switch over to the Patch workspace to perform the sweep since the resulting body will become a patch surface (just like extruding a sketch line will result in a surface patch with no thickness). If you are sweeping a sketch profile, you can perform the sweep in the Model workspace, resulting in a solid body.


Team Collaboration

We’ve added a notification that will appear when your design uploads have completed. Like the turning and two-rail sweep, many of these improvements were driven by IdeaStation requests. Here is a short list what will be included in team collaboration improvements:

Made it easier to create designs from STEP, IGES, and SAT

  • Allow for the user to create a F360 document from content on their desktop, without requiring upload and translation in the cloud. (IdeaStation Request)

Added more data management options in the data panel

  • Continue to improve the data panel tools to manage data. (IdeaStation Request)
  • Promote versions of a design from within the Fusion using the data panel. (IdeaStation Request)
  • Move items between folders. (IdeaStation Request)
  • Deactivate a project. (IdeaStation Request)
  • Leave a project (un-invite self from a project). (IdeaStation Request)


New A360 preview experience coming soon!

As we continue to improve our data management and online collaboration experience, we are excited to share a sneak peek at our completely redesigned A360 experience that will be available as a tech preview soon. This layout will boast a new visual style, making it easier to identify projects, designs, and members.

 Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.53.00 AM.png


The design details page will also see significant improvements such as better consistency in material representation, smoother interactions with the design, fuller viewing, as well as simultaneous live review with other stakeholders.



This preview is not available for you to try quite yet, but we will keep you posted as soon as it is ready!


Along with the above added/improved functionality, we’ve put a ton of effort into bug fixes and general stability improvements and are pumped to get the update out this weekend! There are a lot more improvements and enhancement coming in this release; a more detailed list of what’s new and what’s been fixed will be available after the update goes live.


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