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Preview: January 2015 Update

The focus for this update is around stability, performance, and usability. We also focused on getting a bunch of your great IdeaStation requests implemented so that we can all benefit from a better user experience. Your ideas and suggestions continue to play a very important role in our development process. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new for January. 




Easier Sharing

Just like how you can share your designs with anyone with a public share link from the data panel, you can soon also do this via A360. While you are viewing your design with the 3D viewer, you can choose from the Share drop-down menu to generate a public/private share link. 





Viewport Enhancement

Now supports multiple views. This feature didn’t make the last release due a number of risk factors. It is now coming for January!



Export Enhancement

Now you can export components locally directly from the browser (IdeaStation request)

Export component from Browser.png


Wacom Improvements

Now supports with multi-touch gestures. Note that this feature is turned off by default because you must have the latest Wacom drivers for it to work properly.


New Help Items

New graphics diagnostics option allows you to easily gather graphics data when experiencing issues.
New clear user data option allows you to easily clear user cache without needing to uninstall Fusion 360.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 1.47.44 PM.png



Sketch Improvements


Sketch Palette

New Sketch Palette will appear when you’re in sketch mode, giving you direct access to commonly used sketch commands and options. (IdeaStation Request)



Sketch Dimension Improvement

Symmetric linear dimensions (IdeaStation request)

Sketch Project Improvement

Now allows you to sketch project of intersecting items aka pierce constraint (IdeaStation request)

Elipse Command Improvement

Now supports entering specific dimension values at creation time.



Sculpt Improvements


Select Next

Move from one vertex, edge, or face to the next using ctrl+command+arrow keys for faster edit form. This is dependent on the view you’re in.

Select next.png


Better undo in edit form (IdeaStation request)

Undo will now undo the last edit form manipulation rather than the command.

After edit form is committed, the Undo drop down menu organizes all edit form manipulations as a group.



New component properties from browser

On any given part – you now have access to part number, description, and part name.


Modeling Improvements


Modeling features now have better control over participants

 In today’s version, you have to be very careful on what is visible in canvas and what is not when you are performing modeling features. For example, if you had component A on top of component B, and component A is visible whereas component B is not, and you performed for a hole through-cut on component A, you have to specifically remember when it was visible and when Component B was invisible so the through-cut doesn’t go through component B as well. 

Now when you go back and edit a feature, you no longer need to remember operations based on visibility, and can select which components are participants of this feature.



Torus and Pipe commands are now fully compatible with history timeline.


Hole command improvement

Create hole(s) by selecting a point or series of points and the hole(s) will populate automatically. (IdeaStation Request)

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.50.17 PM.png





Rendering Enhancements

  • New fully customizable emissive materials – frosted light bulb, LCD, LED, OLED, and Electroluminescent. (IdeaStation Request)



New Camera Settings tool

  • Change camera type between Orthographic, Perspective, or Perspective with Ortho Faces.
  • Select Focal Length from 10mm to 200mm
  • Toggle Depth of Field (DoF), set center of focus, and select blur from value range of 0.001 to 2 (default value at 1).






  • Respects Design Default Units
  • Now supports export to video






Drawings Improvements

  • Will be available for Fusion 360 on the Mac App Store
  • Ability to create section views
  • Editable title block attributes





  • Fusion 360 training modules will be added to the learning site
  • Animations training will be available in PDF and video.
  • All command dialogs (Except for Drawings) will have a help icon that’ll take you to additional learning associated with that specific command.
  • In-product tutorials have been cleaned up with a better user experience, allowing you to jump the end, to the start, or to a certain page.


  • Revised Tips and tricks will be added to respective commands/tools on the leaning site
  • Information around key Fusion 360 Ultimate tools added to the learning site.






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