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October 19, 2015 Update – What’s New



Hey everyone, we have an update available for download. This one addresses issues reported by our community. The following issues were fixed:



    • Fixed an issue with displaying tools with a tapered shaft. When you edit a tool to add a taper to the shaft, the tool was not displayed correctly in the Cutter tab of the dialog and an extra face was displayed in the canvas.
    • Fixed issue when editing turning operations. When you edit the radii of an operation when in an orthographic view, dragging a manipulator changed the radius in the opposite direction of the drag.
    • Fixed issue where some .hsmlib library files are empty when you export them. The library files contained a non UTF character which caused the Tool Library to terminate the file. 
    • Addressed a regression where an operation could be deleted and then a later task is completed that references the deleted object.
    • You can now create a square groove tool with inch units.
    • Fixed a font issue with OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).


  • Fixed translation problems with Simplified Chinese and Japanese.


  • Addressed a specific crash in sketch environment.
  • Addressed a crash related to the alert icon in the lower right of the canvas.

Data Management and Collaboration

  • Fixed the upload order of contents of F3Z files so that dependencies resolve correctly.
  • Fixed issue on Mac that caused the thumbnail in the data panel to have the wrong background color.


  • Fixed an issue on Mac where Enable Ray Tracing shows a green/yellow reflection for some Environment Styles.


  • Removed tooltip for Deformation Scale submenu item in Simulation. The tooltip can block the menu items in some cases.
  • Fixed issue in A360 viewer when a user can solve the simulation again then re-save the results and the results will no longer be viewable in the viewer.
  • Fixed issue where Simulation mesh could not be generated on Simplified Chinese version of Fusion 360.
  • Fixed issue where Simulation > Solve command does not run on Simplified Chinese version of Fusion 360.
  • Updated the Record option in the Simulation > Results > Animate command to support the Windows 10 default media player.
  • Completed the localization of the Simulation tooltips, dialogs, and strings for simplified Chinese and Japanese.
  • Unsupported geometry is hidden when a user enters the Simulation environment. There was confusion in previous versions because the unsupported geometry was not hidden until a study was create.
  • Fixed graphics issue where the entire design was not shown in Simulation results.
  • Solved the install issue that caused a DLL file to be installed in the wrong location on some Windows machines.
  • Fixed graphics error that occurs after screen saver is started and results are displayed in Simulation environment.


  • Fixed case where Fusion 360 locks up if the upload process is interrupted by closing the application.
  • Fixed issue where a “Server Outage Detected” message was incorrectly displayed during server maintenance and no offline cache is available.
  • Fixed a case where Fusion cannot connect to the cloud if there is a network error during startup.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the computer going to sleep mode while Fusion is running with the Comments dialog active.


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