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December 1, 2016 Update – What’s New

Navigation on Touch Screen Devices


We fixed a issue where touch gestures did not work on touch screen monitors, specifically Microsoft Surface Pros running WIndows 8 and above. Zoom, pan, and orbit now works like it did before.


November 17, 2016 Update – What’s New


This quick update fixes some recent issues that seem to have appeared after the last one.


2D Drawings


  • We fixed a Mac OSX regression issue where if you were using Fusion 360 in Simplified Chinese, creating a 2D drawing wouldn’t show you a base view preview, which is kind of a blocker. Sorry!
  • We’ve noticed multiple reports on the forum talking about an issue where many of you couldn’t even launch the 2D Drawings workspace. When you tried it, you’d get an error message of how there was an install error that you should uninstall and reinstall Fusion 360 to get it working again. Yeah…that was wrong. You shouldn’t have to uninstall; it was a bug on our end. We posted a workaround, but now it is permanently fixed.




  • There was an issue where if you tried to edit values and hitting enter from the keyboard, Fusion 360 would crash. When I saw this happen, I almost broke my keyboard. Good thing I didn’t. Now it’s fixed! 




  • Markey reported this issue where when he tried to apply study materials to his design in the Simulation workspace, Fusion 360 hiccuped so hard it crashed. We taught it to scare itself so that this would never happen again.


That’s it for this one! Thank you for being so patient and proactive.




Keqing and the Fusion 360 team


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