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November 15, 2015 Update – What’s New

This is the post you’ve all be waiting for. Our November product update is live and available for download! As mentioned in our preview blog, this update is centered around maturing our 2D drawing functionality and allowing you to better document your designs and make them production ready. We’ve also made a number of usability enhancement that boost productivity, beefed up our visualization and rendering toolsets, improved our Simulation workflow, and cemented aspects of our stability and performance. Watch this video below as Bryce and Aaron walk you through what’s new in this update. 



What’s New for November 15 Product Update 


2D Drawings


  • Added ability to create GD&T symbols. (IS)
    • New datum identifier and feature control frame commands create symbols with leaders.



  • Added ability to create Exploded view drawings. (IS)
    • Create a new drawing with an associative view from an animation storyboard. Access from the File menu then New Drawing > From Animation.



  • Added ability to create shaded views in drawings. (IS)
    • All view types support shaded views. Select one of the shaded view types from the style drop down. The shaded views are included when output to PDF and DWG. 



  • Added single dimensioning command. (IS)
    • The Dimension command in drawings creates different dimension types based on the selected geometry. This command supports automatic edge selection.



  • Added trailing zeros support. (IS)
    • Trailing zeros are displayed on dimensions to specify precision. This is found in the Unit and Value Display section of the Preferences.



  • Improve install performance and drawing stability.

Improvements in other areas of Fusion 360 primarily focused on stability, performance and usability:


Stability and Performance


  • Improved Fusion 360 install performance.
  • Improved Fusion 360 startup performance and decreased startup time.
  • Improved document recovery.
    • Behavior similar to MS Office for recovery of documents after a crash.
    • Recovery files are maintained until you open or delete them. Access the files from the File menu then Recover Documents.
    • New command that updates the recovery cache locally without creating a version for intermediate steps. Use ctrl + shift + S (Windows) or command + shift + S (Mac) to update the recovery file.
    • Changed the automatic save preference to update the local recovery file and not automatically create a new version.
  • Updated the dialog displayed on close of Fusion 360 with pending saves. Users now have the option to save and quit automatically. Includes progress indicator so there is better information on progress. (IS) 

Team Collaboration


Continue to improve the A360 web experience



  • Simplified experience for viewing the model in the same state as the commenter.



Live review

  • Made scalability improvements.


  • Improved on-boarding and learning experience.
  • Enhanced commenting support.
  • Redesigned share public link experience.
  • Added support for html embedding.
  • A360 now defaults all users to the new A360 experience.
  • Added Measure tools are now available in Web 3D viewer.
  • Now supports Japanese language.

Data Panel

  • New Back button allows users to go back to previous page.





Added Toolbox functionality accessed with the S key



    • Search commands and add them to the toolbox.
    • Customizable size and command order.
    • Each toolbox is specific to each workspace with a unique set of commands.

 Assembly performance improvements

    • Refactor modeling kernel entity tracking.
    • Improved recompute performance.
    • Improved joint glyph performance


Performance improvements

    • Added 3D web viewer export.
    • Added modeling internal tagging.
    • Added Timeline improvements around deleting features and collapsing groups.


Better error handling

    • Improved feedback to user about reason for error and possible methods to fix it.
    • Improved the display experience.
    • Improved the order of the errors listed.
    • Improved error handling for better downstream operations.



  • Updated the Create Form icon.





Continued focus on sketching reliability and performance.

    • Improved performance for sketches with a large number of parameters.
    • Improved performance in dragging sketch entities.
    • Improved performance in sketch compute.
    • Improved reporting of over constrained sketches.
    • Added option in Preferences > General > Design to toggle on or off auto project geometry that is not in the active sketch plane.
    • Better handling of dimensions that share points on geometry. For example, the center point of a circle lying on the endpoint of a line.



Strength Testing and Validation


  • Fixed 29 bugs reported in the Simulation workspace.
  • Added new Point Mass command. Point Mass adds mass to areas of a design to account for parts that you have not modeled.



  • Added Gravity command to include gravity in your simulations.



  • Added volume mesh to prepare for thermal analysis (coming soon!).
  • Improved user experience fit and finish in the Simulation workspace.


Visualization and Animation


Accurate wood appearances and 3D texturing


image 13.jpg


    • Added more than 40 3D wood appearances available via downloadable appearance materials.
    • Added new 3D texture manipulator in the Texture Mapping command.
    • Provided compatibility for 3D wood material rendering in raster rendering, ray tracing rendering, and cloud rendering.

Lighting and environment enhancements




    • Added new Flatten Ground option in the Scene Settings command. This option can improve performance and appearance of renderings.
    • Added Manipulator for positioning the ground plane.

Viewport quality and performance

    • Improved Fusion 360 start up time.
    • Enabled Mac Core profile as default for the video cards in the white list.
    • Improved large assembly rendering performance with occurrence tree.


    • Added ray traced swatch preview in material editor.

Continued improvements for performance, usability and stability of the animation workspace

    • Added support for exploded views for drawings. (IS)




Added Engrave command

    • Uses a point tool as a variable diameter tool to engrave detailed geometry such as text, logos and vector art.

Keyboard shortcuts

    • ctrl + G (Windows) or command + G (Mac) = generate
    • ctrl + D (Windows) or command + D (Mac) = duplicate
    • ctrl + L (Windows) or command + L (Mac) = show log
  • Graduated Component Pattern out of beta.
  • Graduated Derived Pattern out of beta.
  • Now has API support


Application Programming Interface (API)


Added Ability to insert web content directly into Fusion 360

    • Provides partners which offer 3D content the ability to add a button to open data from their site straight into Fusion 360.
  • Now supports document and application events.



Added option to choose pan, zoom, orbit option on launchpad




    • If you are coming from another CAD package such as SolidWorks, you can set your mouse navigation preference right within the tutorial launchpad.

Added 2 on-boarding tutorials within the Form category

    • Intro to Workspaces: Walkthrough of workspaces, modes, UI, and general navigation.
    • Modeling Basics: Walkthrough modeling basics such as terminology and basic operations.

Added Tips & tricks improvements

    • Improved the display and usability.
    • New content for tips. Most commands have two levels of content. Tier 1 content is “need-to-knows” and Tier 2 content as nice-to-knows.


( IS ) = Idea Station improvements



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