May 16, 2017 Update – What’s New

Keqing Song
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2D drawings can’t launch issue now fixed

Since our last update, some of you have reported that you were not able to launch the 2D drawings workspace, specifically on Windows machines. Sorry about that – apparently Fusion 360 got your username all tangled with where the software was installed. Now 2D drawings launches without a hitch.


We’ve got some exciting things coming in the next update, happening in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!


May 8, 2017 Update – What’s New




Data write and read stability improved

Something wasn’t right with how Fusion 360 wrote and read data. I’ve gotten reports of some of you crashing and then weren’t able to get back up and running after the crash. We dug into the code and found some weirdness, so we put Fusion 360 through a detox program and it’s back running at 100%.


Loft visibility issue fixed  

We found an issue where if you tried to edit a pre-existing Loft and wanted to add an additional profile, and then deselected a body from the Objects to Cut menu, Fusion 360 didn’t like what you did and would lock up. This is now fixed.


May 3, 2017 Update – What’s New


Design & Modeling


Sculpt keyboard shortcuts issue fixed

If you made the unfortunate mistake of accidentally using Sculpt related hotkeys such as Alt +1, Alt +2, etc. outside of the Sculpt workspace, you may have experienced some Fusion 360 lock-ups. Our engineers dug into this and fixed the issue so that other workspaces won’t get jealous of each other.


Offsetting multiple curves together no longer crashes

We found a bug where if you window-selected sketch geometry and then went to select the  Offset tool, Fusion 360 got all frantic and didn’t know what to do with itself. We got it together and fixed the issue so that Offset now works if your inputs are valid, or will show an error message if they are invalid.


Dragging an offset curve outside of a sketch issue fixed

We also noticed that if you dragged a sketch offset curve when you’re outside of the sketch environment, it sometimes made Fusion 360 halt to a stop. For now, we resolved this issue by disabling the ability to drag offset curves outside of the sketch environment.


OBJ export issue is fixed

There were reports on the forum that when you exported mesh bodies as OBJs, the OBJ files turned out to be empty containers. There’s a place and time for magic tricks, and this is not one of them. Now mesh bodies export with no issues.



Live Reaction Force now updates in real-time

Previously, if you wanted to review reaction forces at each time step in a Nonlinear Static Stress or Event Simulation analysis, you had to close the Reaction Force dialog, change the time step and reopen the Reaction Force dialog. Kind of a pain in the butt. Now when you do this, the values in the Reaction Force dialog will update as you change the time step, so you no longer have to bounce around dialogs.




Interference detection in Simulation workspace updated to avoid false positives

Apparently the interference pre-check tool in the Simulation workspace was falsely detecting interferences in the model, when clearly they were not present in an interference analysis conducted in the Model workspace. We went in there and fixed the glitch.


Nonlinear Static Stress and Event Simulation results now show final step by default

This was one of those things that caused some confusion. No, your nonlinear static stress/event simulation study solves didn’t fail, and yes, they were correct. They just showed the initial state result instead of the expected final result.  Now you’ll see the final result as the one we default to after the solve is complete.


Results workspace for Nonlinear analysis


Selection tools are now available with mesh view displayed

If the model you wanted to apply loads and boundary conditions to was displaying as a mesh, you weren’t able to select it. Now you can!


Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.00.17 AM



Drilling Retract or Clearance height issue fixed

When the WCS for a setup was moved up or down relative to the Z axis, it was possible for the retract or clearance plane in a drilling operation to appear stuck to the WCS until the height was modified, and then it would snap back into the correct place. We fixed this issue so that the drilling heights now properly update after moving the WCS to a new location.


Selecting cylindrical or tube stock when machining a mesh body now works fine

Previously when you wanted to machine a mesh body, Fusion 360 locked up if the stock mode was changed to any cylindrical or tube stock type. We now support these stock modes.




Component Origin toggle now available on MAC

Yeah, apparently it didn’t show up for Fusion 360 on Mac OS. Something got wonky and now it does. Our bad.


Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.31.39 AM


Duplicate “Bodies” folders will no longer show up

We found reports of Bodies folders cloning themselves. Apparently it got a hold of the Time Code and went to town with it. Luckily as we all know, time-paradox duplicates are doomed from the beginning, and we proved this once again by fixing this issue.


Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.51.39 PM


Turning Profile Operation now has new options for axial and radial grooving

Previously you only got one, or the other. Now you can have both!


Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.55.18 PM


Simulation controls now work properly on Mac

Apparently the Simulation controls didn’t work properly for you Mac users. We cleaned up the code a bit so that the controls now work as expected.


Using special characters in setup sheets won’t confuse browsers anymore

If you used the “#” symbol in a file name, then you’ve probably noticed that your name were displayed all wonky when viewing setup sheets in a web browser. We made sure that special characters will now be treated properly.


Command dialogs now have (i) access to learning

We’ve added an (i) button to all relevant command dialogs in the CAM workspace so that you can go directly to the learning page associated to that command if you want to learn more. Kudos to Mike Mattera for the kick-ass documentation!





Web Viewer

Named views now available

Now when you access designs through the web, you’ll be able to navigate around your models with the named views it contains. If you haven’t used named views much, here is a quick video of why they are useful.




2D Drawings


Launching 2D drawing with non-English account issue fixed

Some of you have reported an issue where you couldn’t launch 2D drawings and were getting an error. We found out that it was related to non-English related account names. We got this sorted out and you should be able to launch 2D drawings in all supported languages.




Animation Storyboards not loading in Viewer

Large animation storyboards took a long time to load in the 3d web viewer. We were able to reduce the translation time so that it loads more quickly.




Branch & Merge Preview ending on July 15

Based on feedback, how you’re using it, how you expect it to work, and how we want to help you overcome challenges, we’re ending the Branch & Merge Preview. We took a close look at what we’ve set out to solve, and instead of releasing the current experience it to the wild that doesn’t really do the job quite right, we’re going to go back to the drawing board and figure out a better solution. In the mean time, we’re focusing on making sure that Fusion 360 has a robust set of core data management tools. Don’t worry, it’s not ending right away – you have till July 15 to merge all your branches back to the master branch. If you’re having trouble with it or are running into issue, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll help you get it sorted out. Thank you for participating – together, we’ll get to a better experience. 

Stay tuned!


Not a big update this time, but still an important one. That’s the beauty of how we develop Fusion 360 – it never stops improving, and is always evolving with a continuous stream of goodies. Stay tuned for more awesome in the next update landing around end of May/early June!




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