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March 9, 2016 Product Update – What’s New



Fixes and Improvements


Here is a handful of behaviors we fixed and improved in this update based on your feedback, captured by our rock star bug-busters, and fixed by our development extraordinaires.



  • When you generated a simulation study report in HTML that contains a radiation load with temperature dependent emissivity value, it would crash Fusion 360.
  • Markclayto reported this issue where when he has his design open, switching from the Model workspace to Simulation would cause Fusion 360 to freeze, with no toolbar loaded and the document being impossible to close. James from our support team was able to help him workaround the issue, but now we have made the fix in the software so that it loads properly without a hitch.


  • A sketch offset/svg issue was discovered in this forum thread where you couldn’t fillet sketch geometry based on a sketch offset, even if the offset has been dissolved. Thanks to jskinner58, we got to the bottom of this and made the fix so that everything behaves as they should. Woohoo teamwork! 
  • There was an issue with projected sketch geometry where if you draw a line over it, hovering over the project sketch suggests that it is projected, but placing the new line on it doesn’t actually constrain to it. Now it does.
  • Previously there was no way to delete a coincident constraint from the context menu. The only way to delete the constraint was to select the constraint glyph and hit the DELETE key. Now there is an option in the context menu for you to easily delete constraints.


  • There was a display bug where Fusion 360 didn’t want to stay in fullscreen mode when you were uploading data via the data panel. After a second or two, it pops back into its original window size. It will now stay fullscreen until you take it out of fullscreen. STAY boy. Stay.


  • Previously you couldn’t pivot around your design in cloud rendering, because why would you need to pivot when you’re creating a rendering anyway *sarcasm*? Now you can rotate around the center of the scene like a turntable, even if your design is not situated at the origin.


  • There used to be an issue where user properties for posts weren’t being remembered on Macs.  We fixed that, but we found that they can’t be “Un-remembered”. For instance, if you select an option that was previously unselected it will be remembered the next time you post. However, if you un-select an option, it will not be remembered the next time you post. Now, changes to the Post properties are remembered correctly.
  • We’ve made an improvement in the Turning functionality wher you can now define the origin of the world coordinate system (WCS) from “Selected point”.


That’s it for this update! Stay tuned for the next one!


Keqing and the Fusion 360 Team


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