What Machinists Can Look Forward to at Autodesk University 2023

Emily Suzuki Emily Suzuki September 21, 2023

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Here are four key topics and five sessions machinists won’t want to miss at Autodesk University 2023.

Autodesk University is back November 13-15, 2023, and it’s the perfect place for machinists to take their Fusion 360 knowledge to the next level and become power users. Rising customer expectations plus a skills shortage require today’s manufacturers to constantly adapt to be successful and profitable. Through over 80 Fusion 360-focused technical workshops, networking opportunities, keynotes, and more, you’ll learn how to extend your company’s capabilities and reach your goals.

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Here are four key machining-focused topics and six courses you definitely won’t want to miss during your trip to sunny Las Vegas.

1. Upskill your machining

Autodesk University is the perfect place to expand your knowledge of subtractive manufacturing. Browsing through the course catalog, you’ll find various classes focusing on capturing manufacturing intent, machining methods, programming, TurnMill applications, part alignment, 5-axis machining, and more. There are even sessions that dig into the details of Fusion 360 features, like the Fusion 360 Machining Extension.

2. Advance your additive

Explore general 3D printing tips and peek behind the curtain of advanced additive manufacturing technologies often only understood only by experts. See comprehensive 3D printing workflows driven by Fusion 360 customers, all the way down to their machine integrations.

3. Get more from nesting

Learn how to Manufacture sheet metal components by learning methods for Nesting using both the arrange and nesting commands along with toolpath creation. Learn how utilizing the Advanced Arrange feature can reduce component arrangement time by automating repeatable tasks, reducing material usage, and minimizing waste.

4. Create more quality

See how to take back control of your quality processes with process control and part verification to reduce scrap to less than 1%. Implement Fusion 360 and Fusion Operations in quality management to ensure the goals
have been achieved.

6 machining-focused Fusion 360 sessions


Autodesk University 2023 registration and session enrollment is currently open. Here are just six of many (over 80!) Fusion 360-focused courses you won’t want to miss out on. Each one touches on one of the four key themes above.

Fusion 360 Manufacturing Community Meetup

This meet-up will be a casual networking opportunity designed to help you make meaningful connections with your peers in the manufacturing industry. This is also a golden networking opportunity for Fusion 360 enthusiasts to meet with members of the Autodesk team. Join us and share your views on the manufacturing functions of Fusion 360—what you love, what you wish was better, and the impact Fusion has had on your businesses and/or lives.

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How Turn/Mill and Fusion help Rivian increase their throughput

Implement quality control into your manufacturing process. Create a sustainable manufacturing process for tomorrow. With product demand increasing and specialized employees hard to find, Rivian has replaced traditional manufacturing methods with state-of-the-art multi-tasking processes. Learn how this change has allowed them to increase their production throughput, reduce waste, and improve their overall manufacturing efficiency.

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Utilizing Metrology to unlock untapped productivity

There’s no point in making parts quickly if you are making scrap, take back control of your manufacturing with in-process quality control practices. Renishaw will explain how using the technology available today that you may already own can reduce scrap rates to less than 1% by implementing process control and automation.

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Embracing Sustainability: Challenging but Worth it

By making manufacturing choices revolving around renewable power, durable products, responsible sourcing, and automation, you can help the environment. Pembree, a global leader in mountain bike components, will explain their practical and pragmatic steps to creating a sustainable manufacturing process to create a better tomorrow.

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How We Digitally Transformed Our CNC Machine Shop Business with Autodesk Fusion 360

Using Fusion 360, the SendItCNC team embraced a digital thread from design to production. Its new processes revolve around Fusion 360 and deliver improvements in process reliability and predictability. It also led them to create a new cloud-based digital customer experience. This session covers the “how” behind SendItCNC’s transformation, diving into the details of this unique Fusion 360 application.

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Inspector Fusion: Using Autodesk Fusion 360 and Fusion Operations in Quality Management

Quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) are cornerstones of any solid manufacturing process. QA looks to the future to ensure product requirements and goals will be met, and QC focuses on the past and present of the process to ensure the goals have been achieved. See how Fusion 360 and Fusion Operations provide data integrity to the quality management process through inspection methods, QC reports, and feedback reporting in a connected environment to enhance collaboration and audit tracking.

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We can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas. Register for Autodesk University 2023 here. You never know what you might discover.

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