June 13, 2019 Product Update – What’s New

Keqing Song
by Keqing Song 2 years ago 4 min read
So this fix didn’t go the way we wanted. Apparently a lot more of you are seeing an Expired button in your toolbar, even though you were not expecting your subscriptions to be expiring anytime soon. We apologize for the confusion this has caused.


If you are not expecting your subscription to be expiring and are seeing the Expired button, you can continue working on Fusion 360 without taking any additional action. We have pinpointed what we need to fix and we’re on it.





We pushed a small update today – apparently there was an issue where Fusion 360 wasn’t showing you that your license has expired, even though it was actually expired, so we just went ahead and “fixed the glitch”. With that said, this doesn’t block you from using Fusion 360, but you’ll need to re-subscribe or renew a license to save your work. Click on the “Buy Now” button and that should get you back on track. If you’re having trouble with this, get with our support team or post in our support forum and we’ll help you get sorted. 



June 4, 2019 Product Update – What’s New


V. 2.0.5818


Quick update this time, fixed some issues that have been nagging us, and more important, bugging you (no pun intended).


T-Spline save issue fixed


Some of you have been talking to our support team about a T-Spline issue where you were getting “Failed to save the T-Spline file” error when you tried to edit your T-Spline form. Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong, Fusion 360 was the one who got confused. Now it’s crystal clear and you should be getting this error message anymore.


Updating externally referenced parts with Get Latest crash issue fixed


We fixed an issue where clicking on “Get Latest” so that your externally referenced parts update in your assembly caused Fusion 360 to stress out over where those parts were and froze up on you. Now it knows not to freak out and get the latest changes to you in a timely manner.


Section analysis issues fixed


Fusion 360 doesn’t like when you double-click on things over and over again, especially if it was the Section Analysis tool that you just created and wanted to rename in the browser. If you double-clicked on the analysis node in the browser rapidly over and over, then it was game over for you. Now it’s more resilient.


Manufacture > Simulate checking Flute length and not Shoulder Length issue fixed


Apparently when you simulated a toolpath, the simulation was checking for Flute length of your tool and the Should length. It was causing the simulation to point false collisions, and if you weren’t being attentive and double checked your toolpath parameters, you may have thought those collision to be true. We’ve tweaked the code so it no longer checks for Flute length but correctly checks for Shoulder length.


Manufacture Tool Library Coolant issue fixed


v.tsybulnyk report that he was seeing an anomaly where Coolant option in his tool library was always set to “Flood” even after he changed. No, you guys were not going totally bonkers – we saw this too. now it’s fixed.


Sneak Peek: Quick Guide for New Toolbar UI (becoming official soon) 


If you haven’t tried the new toolbar yet, you totally should (go to your Preview section of your preferences and turn on UI Preview).  We’ve been continually refining the experience, and are gearing up to make the new toolbar UI the official toolbar experience for Fusion 360 in the near future. The new toolbar improves on the existing toolbar in three key areas – nomenclature, organization, and usability.



Change can be stressful, but don’t worry, we got you. To help you make a smooth transition, we’ve created this quick guide to the new toolbar UI, and have the top 5 things to know, as well as a few FAQs we’ve heard along the way. This is still a work-in-progress draft, and will eventually be part of our learning documentation. 


If video is more your speed, our YouTube livestream superstar Brad Tallis streamed a great session where he goes through the differences and benefits to the new toolbar UI compared to the old toolbar UI. Go check it out.



Rest assured, we’ll keep you posted on when the official release of the new toolbar will be, and what the transition plan looks like in the next couple of updates.



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