June 25, 2015 Update – What’s New

Keqing Song Keqing Song June 26, 2015

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We have a quick update available for download. You should have gotten a notification in-tool that let’s you grab the update while you’re working. After the download is complete, simply restart Fusion 360 to complete the update.

Based on all your feedback and collaborating with us in real-time, we were able to quickly come up with fixes addressing several key issues that were uncovered in the past couple of days, particularly around the issue of opening files and getting a “file is corrupt” error and how 2D drawings was not launching properly. Here is the detailed list of fixes included in this update:


Fix for corrupt file error when opening designs.


Re-enabled Access point to Autodesk Exchange Apps and fixed install issues where it installs twice.


New comments in design activities will update every 2 mins instead of 15 seconds.


Fix 2D Drawings not being able to launch properly.

Distributed Design

Fix for distributed design Apigee errors out when numerous users are trying to access large externally referenced designs simultaneously.

Distributed Design

Fix for issue with not being able to export externally referenced designs as SAT or STEP.

Distributed Design

Fix for designs with drawings associated to them not being able to be exported because Fusion 360 mistakes the reference as an external reference.


Fix for not being able to edit cylinder/torus/sphere/coil on Sketch plane.


Fix for Items hidden at the beginning of an animation showing up for no reason.


Fix for tool number change not staying on regeneration.


Fix for Forum issue: User cannot find the customized library files after sync to latest fusion build.


Fix for Fusion 360 crashing when loading MachineWorks in Windows OS, opening tool library, dragging tab point, and exiting the application.


Fix for WLPC bad leadin/leadout adjacent to arcs.


Fix for importing a hsmlib into Fusion 360 and it not creating a new tool folder.


Thank you for your continuous involvement and support, and as always, don’t forget to include your email address when submitting CERs. We read every one that comes in, and it is tremendously helpful when you include your email address in your CERs. This allows us to better track them and make sure they get fixed. Onward and upward!


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