August 16, 2018 Product Update – What’s New

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Some of you using Mac machines have reported that Fusion 360 was crashing and wouldn’t reopen. Yeah, that’s kind of a problem. We jumped on this as soon as we heard about it and got it resolved.


June 28, 2018 Product Update – What’s New





June 18, 2018 Product Update – What’s New




A Haiku:


A product update.

Bugs make us all so angry.

A happier Monday.



June 11, 2018 Product Update – What’s New 








New! Updated UI colors



If you took the update, you’ve probably already noticed. Fusion 360 has a fresh new look. We went from 1995 to a more modern color palette. This is an important step to a more scalable UI. If you want to learn more about where the UI is going, check out this post here.


New! More options icon in drop-down menu



Now when you hover over a command in the toolbar panel drop-down menu, you’ll see a “more options” icon appear to the right, replacing what used to be the pin to toolbar arrow. Click it and you’ll get the option to pin to toolbar, or pin to shortcuts. If you pin to shortcuts, you’ll find that same tool in the S key shortcuts (previously called toolbox).



Lorang noticed that he wasn’t able to use the API to insert a STL into his Fusion 360 design. We found some discrepancies in how the API and UI handles mesh scaling. Wer cleaned up the code and got this sorted out.  




Many of you have experienced crashes when you tried to use the search feature in the data panel. Needless to say, this was pretty embarrassing to see. We immediately jumped on a fix and are happy to report that this issue is now resolved.


Modeling & Sketching


Improved! Single Line Fonts can now be extruded as Surfaces



You can now extrude single line font sketches with the Patch Extrude command and create surface bodies out of your single line texts.


Improved! Hole Command remembers last used options


We improved the Hole command’s memory; it now remembers the last used:

Speaking of fixes, here are some notable ones we made in this update:



2D Drawings


New! Point to line dimensioning



Previously, you were limited to dimensioning between two edges or two points on a view, which created some limitations, particularly with dimensioning complex parts. Now with the Smart Dimension tool, you can pick a point on your drawing and dimension it to an edge or vice-versa.


New! Centermark pattern recognition



If you work with models that have a bunch of circular or linear patterns, you’ll be happy to know that the Centermark Pattern command is now smart enough to see your patterns and apply a centermark to all of them automatically once you’ve selected one of the circles. This should make dimensioning holes a breeze.






Updated post processors



We dropped some fresh new post processors into this update. Go to our Post Library page to grab the latest.




When you select something in the modeling space, some relevant selection and measurement information will show up in the bottom right corner of the Fusion 360 window. These pieces of info will now also appear when you select something in the CAM workspace.



Drill Patterns using “order by tool” now allows the pattern to reverse at each tool change so that the machine doesn’t have to re-position.


Retract feed-rate has been added to milling tools for Drilling operation.


The chuck body selection tool was not very useful, but now it is. The behavior of chuck is now similar to the behavior of “fixture” in milling mode. Selecting a chuck body will now report collisions in simulation as a clash between fixture and tool/tool holder, as well as automatically set the chuck plane to be the furthest +Z surface on the body (i.e. Chuck top).


The chuck reference modes are Stock front, Stock back, Model front, Model back and From Solid.


Rjolly49 suggested that it may be a good idea to prompt users with a warning message when they accidentally select “Make Default” when they right click on their operations in the browser. We agree, because yeah, that’s pretty significant change to your default operations if you didn’t mean to make them default. Now you can say “no” and not suffer the consequences.


We realized that you really don’t need Tool orientation when you have Wrap enabled Since the axis rotation is known. Therefore, tool orientation is disabled when 4X wrapped is enabled.




Tech Previews


Live Review Tech Preview is ending in July 


Live Review has been in tech preview for quite some time, and after analyzing it’s usage and value it delivers in the grand scheme of things, we are going to end the tech preview when we drop our next update in mid July (4-6 weeks from now). We’ve learned a lot from your feedback, and although it’s a cool way to start live sessions with team members and clients for model review, we’ve noticed that usage of the technology has been very low, and that there are many other screen sharing tools that do the same thing, and do it better. You can still use the functionality from now to July, but the tech preview will end after that. Thank you to everyone who’s participated and used the tech preview. We will continue to innovate on ways for you to seamlessly communicate with your team.

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