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Keqing Song Keqing Song July 26, 2015

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Our July product update is available for download! This update is focused on maturing our fabrication workflows with Turning. Below is a quick how-to video by our very own Curtis Chan, Fusion 360 Technical Evangelist/rad CAM YouTuber on how to leverage the new turning funcitionality.

Added the ability to create toolpaths for programming singe turret lathes.  ( IS )
  • Support for ISO standard turning tools
  • New Turning setup with support for setting turning setting
  • New turing toolpath types
    • Profile
    • Groove
    • Face
    • Single Groove
    • Chamfer
    • Part
    • Thread
  • Allow users to preview turning toolpaths in web and mobile clients
  • Simulate Turning
  • Post support
Added the ability to modify equations that drive parameters/defaults in an operation.
  • Step over = Math.max((tool_diameter – 2 * tool_cornerRadius) * 0.95; tool_diameter * 0.
Improved load time for cloud libraries.
Added New “Make” pane in toolbar providing access to fabrication tools.
Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 2.30.34 PM.png
  • Easier access to 3D Print
  • Britehub quoting service
  • New Protolabs quoting service

Improvements in other areas include:

Team Collaboration

Added notification that will appear when design uploads have completed
  • Users will receive automatic notification on data upload to their projects

Made it easier to create designs from STEP, IGES, and SAT

  • Allow for the user to create a Fusion 360 document from content on their desktop, without requiring upload and translation in the cloud. ( IS )

Added more data management options in the data panel such as:

  • Continue to improve the data panel tools to manage data ( IS )
  • Promote versions of a design from within Fusion 360 using the Data Panel. ( IS )
  • Move items between folders ( IS )
  • Deactivate a project ( IS )
  • Leave a project (un-invite self from a project) ( IS )


Added the following new features:


  • Revised Match UI and added the Show Deviation option.
  • New Collapse option in Fill hole command. This option moves surrounding vertices to a single point with the option to weld vertices.
  • Export a T-Spline body’s control cage as OBJ  ( IS )


  • Double-click to edit dimension when in the dimension command ( IS )
  • Cursor change in sketch creation commands.  ( IS )
  • Improved Concident constraint visuals: white dot at point when not coincident, coincident icon at point when it is coincident  ( IS )
  • Improve VCS performance and feature that contribute to the usability of sketch
  • VCS – Solver cleanup/ optimization
  • Fixed solve issues
  • Fixed drag issues
  • Fix tolerance issues
  • Improved performance


New Scene Settings tool combines controls for Environment, Background, Ground, and Camera.
Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 2.47.41 PM.png
New features in Scene Settings include:
  • Ability to see the environment in the Render workspace (rasterized or ray traced)  ( IS )
  • Adjust parameters of the images based lighting:
    • Specify the intensity
    • Position the environment to create compelling, plausible shots
    • control the behavior of the ground plane
  • Allow user-provided IBL  ( IS )
  • Added Brightness setting in Environment

Standardize environments across all render targets (Local render, cloud render and mobile 3D viewer)

Improved rendering and graphics quality and performance

  • Added OpenGL core profile on Mac (off by default for this release. Core profile does include multithreading optimizations that could offer noticeable graphics performance improvements)
  • Improved Large assembly/sketch rendering/selecting performance
  • Improved rendering of decals
    • Ability to be layered so that multiple decals can be on the same body.

Option added in Graphics preferences to turn on retina support  for customers who are using retina monitors.


Continued improvements for performance, usability and stability of the animation workspace

Web Viewer


Application Programming Interface (API)


  • Revamped Learning Resource site with new design and layout

Stability and Performance

Improved install performance

Improved Startup performance

Triaged and fixed critical issues reported by CERs

What’s New banner will show what’s new in the latest update ( IS )

( IS ) = IdeaStation ideas implemented in this update

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