January 24, 2019 Product Update – What’s New

Keqing Song
by Keqing Song 2 years ago 3 min read

This week, we got Marie Kondo to come help us tidy up some of the mess leftover from the recent January update.


Usability and Stability


🎁 New! Fusion 360 now supports SolidWorks 2019 part files

Fusion 360 now supports SolidWorks 2019 part files. You can upload them the data panel, Fusion Team, as well as Desktop Connector. We are working on getting support for assemblies working, and will let you know when that comes online.


👍 Fixed Apparently you’ve also been hitting an issue where updating a 2D Drawing that referenced both the Design and an Animation overloaded Fusion 360’s turboencabulator. We widened its 360 marzel vanes and now it’s running smoothly.


👍 Fixed If you’re working with cross-referenced designs, right-clicking on the inserted design and picked the “Selectable/Unselected” command in the contextual menu, you would have stumbled upon a nasty bug. This bug no longer exists. Carry on.


👍 Fixed We’ve seen a number of crash issues related to group selections, so we trimmed the fat and tightened down the code. After some extensive testing, we believe that we’ve resolved these miscellaneous crashes.


Generative Design


Fixed Now that your Generative Design solves appear in the Job Status dialog, we noticed that we’re calling out certain generated results as “Fails”. This was misleading, because the solve actually completed, but encountered some soft issues. We updated the status to say “Completed”.




👍 Fixed Ltborg reported to us that when using Turning Chamfer, cutting with the right side of the grooving tool created a bad toolpath, and as a result, gouged the part. Sorry about that, a nasty bug slipped through the cracks and freaked the software out. We neutralized the target, and now everything is back in business.


👍 Fixed We fixed a stability issue related to Machine Definitions, where some of the code wasn’t matching up with each other. Now it should be more stable.


👍 Fixed A bunch of you have reported gouging issues caused by UI smoothing. We fixed the 2D Contour issues in the previous updates, but the 3D pocket gouging circles issues wasn’t fixed, until now. No more gouging.


👍 Fixed Apparently some of the code regressed because changing the Smoothing parameter to on or off from its current value didn’t flag the toolpath for re-generation. You had to manually get it to Generate to see the recalculated toolpath. Now toolpath regenerate just fine.


👍 Fixed Changing the entry and pre-drill positions should have caused the toolpath to become invalid or be regenerated, but that trigger didn’t happen. Something got lost along the way. We made the connection again and now it’s working as it should.


👍 Fixed There were some problems with the insert location, orientation and relief angle or round boring bars, so we borrowed the correct ones from square boring bars instead, which was kind of boring but effective.


👍 Fixed Milling direction buttons in the Manufacture workspace were missing their appropriate tooltips with images. Now they are back.


2D Drawing


👍 Fixed We found some instances where Fusion 360 would magically include an extra sheet in exported PDFs. When we went back to the 2D Drawing, we noticed that there was indeed an empty sheet in the sheet viewer. When we tried to delete it, Fusion 360 ran out of magic tricks and crashed. Magic doesn’t belong here. Now there are no surprises.


👍 Fixed In addition, there were problems with 2D Drawings that had multiple sheets, where the drawing could not be Output to PDF, giving you an error message prompting unplottable sheets to be removed from the job. Well that’s just a bunch of malarkey.


👍 Fixed S1422348 experienced some issues with exporting a 2D Drawing as PDF from Fusion 360, in Windows 10. Whenever he clicked on the Export as PDF option, Fusion 360 became really nervous and froze up. Something about the world is coming to an end or something. We calmed it’s nerves and now it should export fine.


👍 Fixed If you tried to print a 2D drawing by using File > Print , the dialog threw you into a loop where it asked you to select a folder. A folder? A folder for what? We don’t know either, but we got this sorted out.


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