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January 13, 2016 Update – What’s New

Our team’s involvement with the community and the discussions we have with you allow us to listen, prioritize, and deliver goodies as they are ready. This update hones in on fixing various issues you’ve been reporting, as well as usability and performance enhancements. Here’s the run-down of what’s new.


What’s New


Modeling – Better Usability

  • Added “Clear selection” functionality to the Fillet command. Previously there was no obvious way to do this – now you can clear selections by simply clicking on the “x” next to what has been selected.



  • Improved command prompt for Fillet, Chamfer, and Extrude commands. These new command prompts now include the quick tip of holding the Ctrl/CMD key to modify existing selections.



  • Unsupported fonts in the Text command are greyed-out with a tooltip available.
  • Improved performance on “Find in Timeline” feature when the timeline contains a large number of features. This improvement takes you right to the item in the timeline instantly.



  • Improved performance on rolling through the timeline.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect result when a joint is created with “between two faces” of an imported or inserted design 



Here are fixes for other areas of the software: 



  • Fixed issue around customized Turning tool parameters not being remembered correctly.


  • Fixed issue with drawing file containing components that are un-selectable in operating systems that are set to German as the default language.
  • Fixed issue with a drawing upload failing if the name of the drawing contains a quotation.


  • Fixed issue with component visibility being turned off when switching to Animation workspace.
  • Fixed issue with Fusion 360 crashing while closing animation document with Scratch Zone selected.


  • MAC only: Fixed issue with Fusion 360 crashing while changing viewport to Multiple Views, visual styles in different views, and zooming in and out.
  • Fixed issue with some boundary edges not being displayed when visual style is in wireframe mode.
  • Fixed issue with the context menu responding slow when numerous selections are being made.


  • Fixed image artifacting issue when using the Slice tool in sketch mode, clicking on Look At, and having the cursor hover over the model.
  • Fixed OGS/Mac OpenGL driver graphics issue that causes Fusion 360 to crash.


To get the update, restart Fusion 360 and it will happen automatically. Thank you for being such an integral part of our product development process – rest assured, there are more goodies to come!


The Fusion 360 Team  


PS: I may have posted a tweet mentioning that new rendering environments are going to be available in the next update. These new environments did not make this one, but they will show up on the Jan. 23rd update. Stay tuned! 


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